Particle Accelerator


At the time of this writing, March of 2015, Asif is in the beginning stages of design and organization in the particle accelerator project. The beam accelerator will have the configuration of a synchrocyclotron. Asif has designed the project to be analogous to the early/mid-career work of Ernest Lawrence specifically, the 88 inch cyclotron with a fantasy aesthetic treatment in the spirit of Raymond Loewy. These two men lived and worked at the same time, and although not peers, the Berkeley labs where Ernest Lawrence did much of his pioneering work could have greatly benefitted from an aesthetic makeover a la Raymond Loewy.

As for the Utilitarian aspect of the work, Asif’s team (so far composed of himself and Mathematician, Derick McCollum) plan to turn lead into gold. The project  will incorporate a 7 Mev deuterium  boosted beam using ultra-high-speed carbon and neon nuclei collided with a lead atom, shearing off part of the lead nucleus and creating gold for both a gross AND a net loss.

Along with the three protons dislodged by the beam, we anticipate that several (anywhere from six to fifteen) neutrons may be dislodged by the collisions induced reactions—producing a range of gold isotopes from gold 190 (79 protons and 111 neutrons) to gold 199 (79 protons, 120 neutrons)

The amount of gold produced is predicted to be so small that successful measurement of transmutation will be accomplished by beta and alpha decay of the unstable gold isotopes.